Country Wing Auto Mobile Garage & Repairs

As a Your Mechanic, I love what I do and take extreme pride in my workmanship. When you hire me, you can rest assured your car(s) are serviced or repaired correctly the first time. I’ve worked as a mechanic for over 25 years and am an A.S.E. Certified Master Technician with experience with Asian, Domestic and European auto repair. In addition, I’m a certified specialist in Lexus/Toyota, Nissan/Infiniti and Hybrid vehicles. Finally, I can perform diagnostic and electrical repair with ease. Thank you.

We Will Come To You For

Engine Problems

We Will Come To You For

Starting Problems

We Will Come To You For

Brake Problems

  • White smoke coming from exhaust while driving.
  • Car engine runs rough on idling.
  • Engine backfires on deceleration.
  • Engine stalls while driving.
  • Engine lacks power on both flat roads and hills.
  • High pitch squel coming from car engine.
  • Clicking sound only, when trying to start.
  • Engine turns over slowly before it starts.
  • Car won’t start, spinning sound occurs.
  • Engine backfires while trying to start
  • Grinding sound only when trying to start.
  • More problems >>

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Contact Peter       +256 705 577823 +256 775 259917

Country Wing Automobile Garage

Kubbiri, Bombo Rd Opp Yellow Stage

Kampala, Uganda

Country Wing Automobile Garage & Repairs


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